Periodontal Disease

The primary role of a Periodontist involves the care and treatment of your gums. Specifically, a periodontist provides surgical correction of gum problems that cannot be cared for any other way. Your gums are vital to the overall health of your mouth. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss, among other things, and the goal of the periodontist is to treat your problem before that happens. Another important aspect of a Periodontist is to provide you with cleaning and care instructions to prevent the need for more serious treatment.

Periodontist has been trained to perform a variety of procedures relating to gum care. Surgically, a periodontist is qualified to perform gum pocket reductions, which will reduce the area under the gum that allows bacteria to flourish. Periodontists, go into the gum tissue deeper than a hygienist using special anti-microbial agents.

It is important to know which dental speciality offers care for your specific dental needs. If you suspect that you are in need of dental care due to gum disease, then a Periodontist is your answer. You will benefit our the services of a periodontist.

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